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We like to walk the walk here at Cwmbiga - we often try out experiences and attractions so we can recommend them to our guests. One of our recent visits was to an event organised by Dark Sky Wales. A very enjoyable evening was spent looking at one of the most criminally-overlooked features of Mid Wales...our beautiful night skies.

The evening included a talk about the facts and also myths surrounding the moon, a session in the planetarium under a projection of the constellations about the stories behind the stars and looking through two different telescopes outside at the various supernovas, stars, galaxies and planets that could be seen in the crystal clear dark sky.

Powys, despite being an enormous county, has a very low population of around 132,000. In the entire county! So hardly any people equals hardly any light pollution, making Mid Wales a brilliant place for stargazing. The nearby Elan Valley and the further-afield Brecon Beacons are both International Dark Sky Parks so worth making a special trip for if you're looking for the best places for astrophotography, but as we have no neighbours for miles (and none that are visible from here), Cwmbiga Cottages is great for taking time out and admiring the stars. We can provide binoculars for you to borrow if you'd like to spend some time looking up in wonder!

Stargazing in MidWales

If you'd like to hear more about the universe we live in, events run by Dark Sky Wales come highly recommended and are run regularly. If you'd like to organise your own stargazing, you can find details of notable cosmic events here. Whatever you decide, if there's a cloud-free night make sure you take the time to admire the beautiful sky just above your head at Cwmbiga - you won't regret it!