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The Hafren Forest is an incredibly peaceful place to live, work and relax. However, one weekday morning or afternoon, out of the blue, you may experience something very unique to this part of the world - the RAF and the US Air Force completing their low-level flight training! An incredible noise will alert you to the aeroplanes' presence, and if you're very lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a flash of a jet as it screams past on its way to the 'Mach Loop' or Machynlleth Loop, where planes will often fly only 250 feet off the ground.

If it's a clear day, you may see the jets from Cwmbiga as they fly overhead from here to Machynlleth, but trust us, by the time you've got your camera out they will be long gone as they will be flying at almost impossible speed!

Mach Loop accommodation

Photo credit: ALAMY 

If you're interested in watching the planes fly the Mach Loop, you can find the low-flying schedule on the Government's website here. As you can see, it's a relatively rare occurrence as conditions must be just so, and certainly not one that will disturb your holiday on a regular basis if fighter jets are not your thing! However, Cwmbiga Cottages is a great base for avid plane spotters seeking Mach Loop accommodation, as we're around 30 minutes away from the bottom of the loop so you don't need to get up at the crack of dawn to get a good vantage point! Our 4* star self catering holiday cottages offer a comfortable, warm stay in the beautiful, unspoilt scenery of the Cambrian Mountains.

We can supply packed lunches so you're ready for a long day photographing some of the most amazing machines ever built, and we can also provide a hot meal when you return should you not feel like cooking. We're licenced too so no need for a trip to the shops before you settle down!