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Things to do for older children

Two words you don't want ringing out when holiday are "I'm borrrrrrrrrrrrred" here are some ideas of things to do for older children (or big kids at heart!) in the Mid Wales area:

 Ultimate Xscape

Spring is in sight

It's been a beautiful sunny weekend here in Mid Wales and it feels like Spring is on the way. This time last year all the flowers were crushed under the snow so the display wasn't as full as it normally is, but this year has been much milder so the garden is finally coming back to life.

The first daffodils have come out

Horse riders in the Summer

We are partnered with Your Horse Adventures, providing meals, packed lunches and of course somewhere to stay for their horse riders on one of their expeditions. The riders are often on their way to or from the coast and going all across Wales. We also offer stabling and grazing for any other guest who would like to take advantage of the beautiful scenery here and take their horse on holiday here!

Fishing on Lake Clywedog

Clywedog Reservoir (Llyn Clywedog in Welsh) was created in the '60s and provides amazing views, a thriving habitat for wildlife and fantastic fly fishing. Several thousand trout are added to the water each week during the season and there are often fishing competitions throughout the year.

Cwmbiga in Winter

This Winter feels like it has been particularly long! We have been snowed in on three separate occasions, which is very unusual.
 It did make everything very atmospheric before Christmas:
 Snowy holiday cottage

Steam railways

We happen to be surrounded by steam railways in Powys and the surrounding areas and so we took the opportunity to travel on one today seeing as the weather was so nice and sunny.

As we have little children, we took the option to go on a short trip from Llanfair Caereinion to Castell Caereinion and back again. You can organise your journey on the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway here.


We like to walk the walk here at Cwmbiga - we often try out experiences and attractions so we can recommend them to our guests. One of our recent visits was to an event organised by Dark Sky Wales. A very enjoyable evening was spent looking at one of the most criminally-overlooked features of Mid Wales...our beautiful night skies.

Mach Loop Accommodation

The Hafren Forest is an incredibly peaceful place to live, work and relax. However, one weekday morning or afternoon, out of the blue, you may experience something very unique to this part of the world - the RAF and the US Air Force completing their low-level flight training! An incredible noise will alert you to the aeroplanes' presence, and if you're very lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a flash of a jet as it screams past on its way to the 'Mach Loop' or Machynlleth Loop, where planes will often fly only 250 feet off the ground.

Dog-friendly holiday cottages


As dog-lovers ourselves, we understand that leaving your pet behind when on holiday sometimes isn't an option. As there is so much beautiful countryside to explore while you're here, it would be a shame if they couldn't join you! Our dog-friendly holiday cottages provide the perfect place for you and your pet to holiday in Mid Wales.

Birdwatching at Cwmbiga

With the cold weather, days of snow and lots of rain recently, the birds have been making the most of our feeders here. We have spotted over 80 species of birds on our land, making it the perfect location for a birdwatching holiday.