Peter took me to the nearby Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) soon after we met and this re-awakened my interest in alternative energy sources.  As a result, I have completed several Open University courses including 'Technology for a Sustainable Future' and 'Energy for a Sustainable Future' and I am very pleased we now have the opportunity to run a business with sustainability at its core.  

Several years on things have come full circle, as I am now a non-executive director of CAT.




I have long wanted to emulate my grandfather who was a farmer later in life and for many years I have also wanted to live in Mid Wales: so the farm fulfils both dreams.  Like Susan, I have completed various OU modules on renewable and I enjoyed putting some of what we learnt into practice at Cwmbiga and, in my case, through my renewable energy consultancy.

Cwmbiga is a fantastic place: beautiful, peaceful and full of history, yet fitted with modern technology exploiting renewable resources in an attempt to reduce our 'footprint'.  I hope you will want to come and see it for yourself and look forward to meeting you.